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Czech SuperDuo 2-Hole Beads

Both two-hole Czech glass beads, Superduos and Twin Beads allow you to create designs never before possible with single-hole beads. Although they look similar, there are some distinct differences which will affect the look of your finished project. Twin Beads are slightly smaller and measure 5mm x 2.5mm whereas SuperDuos are slightly larger measuring 5.5mm x 3mm. The profile of the Superduo is much like an inverted hourglass, tapering at the ends and widening in the middle, and create a "honeycombed" or diamond pattern when stacked together. Twin Beads are slightly less uniform and have a straighter profile that allows them to be "bricked" together.

SuperDuo seed beads measure 2x5mm and feature a diamond shape that widens between the two holes and tapers at the ends of the bead. Each hole measures approximately 0.8mm. - See more at: http://www.fusionbeads.com/SuperDuo-Seed-Beads#!SuperDuo-Seed-Beads